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Tue, Feb. 17th, 2004, 07:32 pm
scailles_admin: some more pics

Heres some more pics from backstage before the show..  There will be more soon to come of the show itself. FUN!

UPDATE: These 2 are from the show.

This one since he was bent down it reminded me of someone in an anime charging up their "powers" or whatever so nobody take offense to the fact that they don't have crazy lights in their pics ok? ;)

Sun, Feb. 15th, 2004, 05:03 pm
scailles_admin: Thursday Feb.19th @ Luna

It has come to my attention that there is misinformation concerning this show at Luna. Apparently, people are thinking this is our continuation of the show that was on Jan.25th. This is not correct. We are in no way associated with what goes on at this show. We are just providing clothes for the show. (Hell, I'm not even sure if we're even doing that!).

The show that will preceed the show on the 25th is scheduled for the end of april at Luna. Sorry if it's a bit away but our models need time for fight and dance choreography.

On another note, we now have tickets for Wolfsheim! Woohoo! Tickets are $17.00 or you can risk it and hope to get in at the door for $20. Make sure to bring cash for the tickets since we now have a surcharge of $2.00 for purchasing tickets with a credit card. For anyone who might be uncertain about how to get here visit our website for a map!

Tue, Feb. 10th, 2004, 05:01 pm
scailles_admin: FASHION SHOW FEB.29th

Sunday, February 29th we'll be part of a fashion show at the Sky club. It's not like the last show with fighting and what-not but it will still be fun! It also features designs by Katy Mozal, Nerve Damage, CyberOptix, Dead Gurl Designs,  and a hair show featuring Pink Envy. Make sure you go!

Wed, Jan. 28th, 2004, 01:44 pm
scailles_admin: Shows and thanks

I know we've already said most of this on the site, but just in case you haven't read it, I'd like to thank everyone who helped to make this show a success. The models who put so much effort and time into making the show look fantastic, Amanda and Sara from Rewired Salon who truly achieved that "video game" look for all the models, Nikki for finally taking a day off work and doing the make-up, Katy Mozal for providing some wonderful pieces, Beth and Greg for making us a super tasty dinner, and everyone who was able to come out. I hope everyone had a good time (after everything was said and done, even I did)!

<-- If we work more on the characters for another show, shouldn't they
be brother and sister?

So, as far as more shows go, here's what we have planned:

  • We're helping out with Purple Deranged next month, but are not actually
    putting on the show. It is a Chaos Productions and Rewired Salon show
    and the theme is 80s, so I'm assuming I'm going to be making clothes
    specifically for it.. It will be at Luna, but I can't remember exactly
    what day it falls on.

  • We've been talking to Luna, The Works, and Sky Club to do more shows,
    so you can expect to hear more about Robotique Part 2. If you liked the
    last show, make sure to catch this one because it will be even better
    (and, yes, longer) - just consider that one a tease..

  • And we have many more ideas up our sleeves after this one

If you know any martial arts or are interested in being involved in future
shows, please get in contact with us. Also, check back at the site or here
for show pics in the coming week or two.

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