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Tue, Feb. 24th, 2004, 07:28 pm
dethany: sneak preview of new fash...

Artist and designer Bethany Shorb, a member of Richard Florida's creative class. (Metro Times photo/Cybelle Codish)

TeeHEE. cyberoptix got press! and a damn fine cover story by sparklydevil.

and i am already getting shit for being referenced to as "Hipster" as the story is partially titled. BTW, i am loving every second of it, thank you, all you snotass artfags! bring it on!

Upcoming cyberoptix appearances

stay tuned for the Dollhouse Bizarre on Feb. 29th at the Sky Club in Royal Oak, - DEADGURL designs, Nerve Damage, Katy Mozal, Scailles and Cyberoptix (w/ live music by TM also).

and March 5th Illuminate Detroit at the Stuber-Stone Lofts on Cass, with musical appearnaces by Chuck Flask, Mike Servito, G.Mudge, Dat Duong and Tolly Marcus. Art by Ron Zakrin and Kobie Solomon (And more.) Fashion by Cyberoptix, accompanying music by Tolly Marcus, and live Visuals by Kero.

and i should have lots of new items to bring on down to Scailles soon. see y'all soon.. xoxoox